Argentine Eisenhower Fellows

Dr. Julio Alvarez
Eisenhower Fellowship 1960: Culture and Education in the United Estates

Dr. Conrado J. Etchebarne  Eisenhower Fellowship 1962: Capital Markets

Arq. Alberto Mendonça Paz

Eisenhower Fellowship 1963: Regulations in urban and rural community planning
Dr. Alberto F. Mondet  Eisenhower Fellowship 1965: Public Health
Dr. Carlos Floria
Eisenhower Fellowship 1966: Teaching Political Science
Lic. Nicanor Saleño
Eisenhower Fellowship 1967: Paradigm Changes
Dr. José Luis de Imaz
Eisenhower Fellowship 1968: Programms of community development,
monitoring of the political campaign of Sociology and political Science

Dr. Alberto Gabrielli
Eisenhower Fellowship 1969: Community
participation in political decisions
 Ing. Conrado Ernesto Bauer  

Eisenhower Fellowship 1971: Transport and transit in urban development



Lic. Horacio Alvarez Eisenhower Fellowship 1973: Environmental issues
Ing. José María Larocca
Eisenhower Fellowship 1977: Infraestructure and public transportation in the United Estates
Ing. Ignacio Braun Cantilo
Eisenhower Fellowship 1979: Agricultural Economy
Dr. Alberto MarengoEisenhower Fellowship 1980: Public Health
Dr. Julio García TobarEisenhower Fellowship 1982: Agricultural
and livestock production systems
Dr. Adolfo Antonio CrittoEisenhower Fellowship 1984: Role of think
in the inprovement of strategies, decision-making, and the social benfit
of local radio stations in the US
Dr. Antonio BattroEisenhower Fellowship 1986:Information and
communication technology applied to the development of intelligence and
Dr. Enrique Zuleta Puceiro
Eisenhower Fellowship 1987: Political Science, public opinion and mass media
Lic. Marita CarballoEisenhower Fellowship 1988:Cultural values
and monitoring of presidential elections
Dr. Rodolfo DíazEisenhower Fellowship 1988: Workers’
Participation in the Ownership of Enterprises
Lic. María GowlandEisenhower Fellowship 1988: Education and
Civic Participation
Gral. de División Julio A. Hang
Eisenhower Fellowship
1988: Development of civil leaders for defense
Lic. Martín LagosEisenhower Fellowship 1988: Decision
making processes in economic policies in the US
Lic. Juan José Llach
Eisenhower Fellowship 1988: Institutional
Dr. Enrique Rómulo MoradEisenhower Fellowship 1988: Law practice is the starting point for the resolution of conflict and decentralization of educational systems
Lic. Felipe Noguera
Eisenhower Fellowship 1988: Public Policy
development in the US
Dr. Sofanor Novillo Corvalán
Eisenhower Fellowship 1988: Reborn of conservative ideas in the US and their influence on
political leadership
Dra. Marta Pascual
Eisenhower Fellowship 1988: Relationship
between justice and community
Dr. Juan Vicente Sola
Eisenhower Fellowship 1988: Constitutional
law and the economic analysis of Law
Lic. María Nieves Tapia
Eisenhower Fellowship 1988: Women, youth
and church
Dr. Martín Krause
Eisenhower Fellowship 1993: Factors that
determine paradigm changes
Dr. Dámaso Uriburu Montes
Eisenhower Fellowship 1995: International
Security related to Justice
Lic. Rodolfo F. Gabrielli
Eisenhower Fellowship 1996: Technological
development and economic growth
Lic. Mónica I. González de Bordón
Eisenhower Fellowship 1997: Poverty measurement methods
Lic. José A. Barbero
Eisenhower Fellowship 1998: Urban Transport
Dr. Germán Pollitzer
Eisenhower Fellowship 1999: Social and
legal situation of the Native American peoples
Lic. Enrique Valiente Noailles
Eisenhower Fellowship 2000: Contemporary Thought
Prof. Silvia Bacher
Eisenhower Fellowship 2001: Education and
mass media
Ing. Pablo J. Bereciartúa
Eisenhower Fellowship 2003: New Theories of Economic Growth
Dr. Carlos J. Regazzoni
Eisenhower Fellowship 2004: The University as an agent of political change and empowerment of democracy
Lic. Esteban Bullrich
Eisenhower Fellowship 2006: Education in local gobermental departments
Lic. Laura Alonso
Eisenhower Fellowship 2008: Programms and Development at NGO’s focused on humman rights, citizen participation and institutional transparency
Lic. Santiago del Sel
Eisenhower Fellowship 2008: The World by 2020: Trends & Implications
Lic. Sebastián Palla
Eisenhower Fellowship 2008
Lic. Jorge Srur
Eisenhower Fellowship 2008: e-poltics and e-govermment. New technologies in presidential elections 2008.
Lic Diego Valenzuela
Eisenhower Fellowship 2008: Media, New Technologies and Political Communication
In Memory Ing. Jorge A. Lanusse EF 1958
Dr. Carlos A. González Fernández EF 1959 Dr. Lorenzo A. Raggio EF 1961
Alberto Mendonça Paz EF 1963
Dr. Armando Braun EF 1964
Ing. Alejandro J. Alais EF 1970
Lic Germán Sopeña EF 1991

Dr.Enrique Pinedo EF 1957

Dr. Carlos Floria 1966



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