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Marita Carballo (EF. ´88) has been incorporated as a Full Academic Member of The National Academy of Moral and Political Sciences.

junio 19, 2012

Marita Carballo (EF. ´88) with Rodolfo Diaz (EF. ´88) and the President of the Academy, Dr. Jorge R. Vanossi.

On May 23rd, in the House of the National Academies, The National Academy of Moral and Political Sciences incorporated  Marita Carballo as a numerary member where she will fill the seat of honor that Roque Sáenz Peña and Félix Luna had previously occupied. She is the first woman to be incorporated to this institution presided by the constitutionalist lawyer, Jorge Vanossi. The Numerary Member, Rodolfo A. Díaz (EF. ´88), presented Marita and highlighted her intense and varied career in the business and academic world, and international organisms.

In her first dissertation in de Academy, Marita spoke of happiness as a sociopolitical value, and was accompanied by her family, friends, collegues from TNS, Eisenhower Fellows and members of ICANA, institution she presides.

Marita Carballo (EF.´88) fue incorporada como Académica de Numero de la Academia Nacional de Ciencias Morales y Políticas.

El 23 de mayo de 2012 la Academia Nacional de Ciencias Morales y Políticas incorporó a Marita Carballo como Miembro de Número ocupando el sitial que antecedieron Roque Sáenz Peña y Félix Luna. Es la primera mujer en ser incorporada a esa institución, que preside el abogado constitucionalista Jorge Vanossi. La recipiendaria fue presentada por el Académico de Número Rodolfo A. Díaz (EF. ´88), quien destacó su intensa y variada trayectoria en el mundo académico, empresarial y en organismos internacionales.

En su primera disertación en la Academia, Marita habló sobre la felicidad como valor sociopolítico y estuvo acompañada por su familia, amigos, Eisenhower Fellows y miembros de ICANA, institución de la que es Presidenta.

El siguiente link es una nota que realizó el diario LA NACIÓN sobre el nombramiento.


Argentinean Eisenhower Fellows traveled to the EF 2012 Annual Dinner in Philadelphia.

junio 19, 2012

On behalf of Argentina, president of ICANA, Marita Carballo (EF. ´88), Pablo Bereciartua (EF. ´03); Silvia Bacher (EF. ´01); Marta Pascual (EF. ´88) and  Jorge Srur (EF. ´08) traveled from Buenos Aires to attend the EF annual dinner on May 17 when Conrado Etchebarne  and Michelle Bachelet were distinguished with an award. Yanina Budkin (EF. ´12) was already there finishing her participation in the Multi Nation Program (MNP).

Additionally, all those who traveled to Philadelphia for this event were invited to a Longwood Gardens special tour and to have  dinner at Nathan Hayward`s home, ( EF Trustee).

It was a wonderful opportunity to share ideas and to strengthen the EEF Net.

Eisenhower Fellows de Argentina viajaron a la cena anual de Eisenhower Fellows en Philadelphia.

En representación de los Fellows en Argentina, la presidenta de ICANA Marita Carballo (EF. ´88), Pablo Bereciartúa (EF. ´03), Silvia Bacher (EF.     ´01), Marta Pascual (EF. ´88) y Jorge Srur (EF. ´08) viajaron desde Buenos Aires para asistir a la cena anual de Eisenhower Fellows el 17 de Mayo, donde Conrado Etchebarne fue distinguido con el premio 2012 Distinguished Alumnus Award y Michelle Bachelet recibió el premio Eisenhower Medal. Yanina Budkin (EF. ´12) se encontraba allí finalizando su participación en el Multi Nation Program (MNP).

Aquellos que viajaron a Philadelphia por este evento, fueron invitados a un tour especial en Longwood Gardens y a una cena en la casa Nathan Hayward, EF Trustee.

Fue una gran oportunidad para compartir ideas y fortalecer la red de los Eisenhower Fellows.



Compartimos las palabras que leyó el General Colin Powell al distinguir al Dr. Conrado Etchebarne en el acto realizado en Philadelphia el 17 de mayo pasado.

junio 12, 2012


Presented on May 17, 2012 to

Dr. Conrado Etchebarne (Argentina, 1962)By Chairman, General Colin L . Powell (ret.)Conrado Etchebarne, 50 years ago, as a rising government official who was poised to assume greater responsibility and exert greater influence, you spent 10 months travelling across the United States as an Eisenhower Fellow. Upon your return to Argentina, you were immediately called upon to use the knowledge you gained during your journey to draft legislation governing the nation’s financial securities. Subsequently, you were appointed Minister of Justice, and you used your office to promote far-reaching legal reforms that are still in force today.

In addition to the leadership you have provided as a senior government official and private businessman, you have for 50 years served as a catalyst for engagement among the 54 Argentineans who have been selected to be Eisenhower Fellows since 1957. You have been instrumental in sustaining the Argentine North American Cultural Institute in Buenos Aires, developing it into an institutional platform for cooperation among Eisenhower Fellows.

You were a key figure in creating the 1988 Argentine Single Nation Program and in re-establishing the USA Program in 1989, which had been discontinued in 1964. You led the 1994 Eisenhower Fellowships International conference in Buenos Aires which brought Fellows together in order to strengthen the network experience.

As a member of the Board of Trustees since 1990, you have been a voice for the alumni and a passionate advocate of international collaboration. You have advanced Dwight Eisenhower’s vision of a world where cooperation replaces confrontation and understanding replaces ignorance.

For your many achievements and your continued engagement with Eisenhower Fellowships, I am proud to confer on you, upon the 50th anniversary of your fellowship travels, the 2012 Distinguished Alumnus Award.

Un breve discurso de General Colin L . Powell (ret.)